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Real Estate Prospecting Begins In The Morning

Real estate prospecting is challenging and can also be stressful for agents regardless of how long you’ve been in the business.

For many top agents, the success of their real estate prospecting efforts often begins with how they start their day.

“Morning is an important time of day because how you spend your morning can often tell what kind of day you are going to have.” – Lemony Snicket

We all operate with different body clocks, right? There are those of us who just can’t get it going in the early morning hours. But it is worth adjusting our habits and re-calibrating our body clocks?


Several years ago, The American Psychological Association released a study reporting that early risers are happier than night owls. They feel healthier which often translates to greater success.

Based on conversations with many agents, Vulcan 7 suggests some ways to make your morning a launching pad or a successful day:

  • Quiet time/meditation: Successful agents are often thinking about real estate prospecting, about the next call, the next deal. Take time each morning to relax your mind, just by sitting or starting a meditation routine. Start with 10 minutes and then gradually work your way up to 20 or even 30 minutes. Morning meditation works on many levels. Physiologically, it helps increase brainwaves while, at the same time, reducing blood pressure. Meditation is also a great way to visualize what you want to achieve for the day.
  • Exercise: Some people look at morning exercise as “getting it out of the way.” If that strategy works for you, great. As long as it gets you into the gym or pounding the pavement. By scheduling your workout in the morning, you will:
    • Enjoy enhanced metabolism that will last through much of the day
    • Notice improved physical and mental energy
    • Develop self-discipline and consistency that will spill over to your work
    • Get a better night’s sleep (which is important if you’re going to get up early to do all of this stuff!)
  • Breakfast: It’s not unusual for motivated sellers to forgo breakfast or eat on the run, almost looking at this critical meal as a nuisance that needs to be addressed or set aside. If you’re one of those people, maybe you should re-consider and turn breakfast into an important part of your morning success routine. Here’s why:
    • Eating a good breakfast has been shown to improved concentration in the workplace.
    • Breakfast builds both strength and endurance for the day ahead.
  • Follow up on your hottest leads: Once you’ve taken the time to mediate, work-out and have a substantial breakfast, your energy and attitude are primed for hitting the phone. Use this time to work the leads you feel most positive about closing. You’ll be at your best and the person on the other end of the phone will feel that positive energy.
For many, real estate prospecting success begins in the morning. So, if you’re not a morning person, consider changing your routine with these strategies.

Doug Spak has over four decades of experience as an advertising copywriter, agency creative director, blogger, and content creator. He joined Vulcan7 as a Content Specialist in 2016. In addition to ongoing website copy refreshes, Doug has produced over 300 blog posts while developing content for Vulcan7’s social media platforms.

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