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Real Estate CRM And The Power of Video Email

In a recent book on the power of video in today’s marketing environment, Dr. James McQuivey, a leading analyst at Forrestor Research estimates that one minute of video delivers the same communication impact as 1.8 million words. Here is how he came to his estimate:   Some might dismiss this such a claim. But with video consumption…

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5 Steps To Maximize Your Productivity

Real estate agents are always looking for an edge, some way to enhance their productivity and effectiveness. But often, they can feel overwhelmed with to-do lists that seem to grow exponentially, obscuring any sense that important things are getting accomplished. Vulcan 7 suggests you consider these five steps to improve your productivity: TRACK TIME SPENT…

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Real Estate Prospecting Redefined With IPing

Circle Prospecting is still one of the most effective strategies for real estate prospecting. Unfortunately, despite advances in technology, most agents farm with traditional “one-size-fits-all” techniques, notably direct mail postcards, flyers and door-to-door canvassing. If you’re looking for a more advanced way to farm neighborhoods, you should check out IPing, offered exclusively by Vulcan 7’s…

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