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Is Your Business Culture Millennial Friendly?

Regardless of the size of your brokerage or real estate team, recruiting must always be a top priority. Even if you don’t have openings today, you may next week and it is critical to be proactive about recruiting in order to have a strong bench to support your business. In today’s post, we are going…

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Real Estate Prospecting: 5 Tips For A More Effective Website Experience

For top agents, real estate prospecting often begins in the morning, probably working the phones (of course, using leads secured through Vulcan 7!). But one thing that is often dismissed when it comes to a holistic approach to real estate prospecting is the value of your website.  In fact, it’s not unusual to hear agents bemoaning…

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Driven, With Purpose

Regardless of how good you are with the fundamentals (i.e. power dialing, lead generation, customer relationships), it’s critical that you remember the intangibles that keep you balanced and focused. Here are six strategies for maintaining your psychological, emotional and physical emotional equilibrium on the way to closing more deals. 1. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT…

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