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Develop Your Leadership Brand

Herb Kelleher, co-founder and longtime CEO of Southwest Airlines, was known for his outrageous leadership style, which created a corporation culture that encouraged employees from the C-suite to baggage handlers to take their jobs seriously but themselves lightly. The Kelleher brand became an integral part of Southwest. You don’t have to be chief executive of…

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Predictive Analytics in Real Estate

We talk about lead generation and conversion a lot because it’s literally the most important aspect of a successful real estate career, but today, we examine the topic from a different angle: Data. Companies across the world, including the behemoth management consulting firm, McKinsey, have examined the effective use of predictive analysis in generating sales.…

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Get Out of Your Rut!

At some point in your real estate career, it’s likely you get stuck. Fall into a rut. Lose your bearings. No matter how astute or successful you are, it’s only human to hit a wall, in which you feel like nothing you do is working. What’s an agent to do? Revisit the basics of finding…

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