Self-Assessment: Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

successful real estate agent

Each of us have our strong suits, those qualities that enable us to own a room and close a sale. But, just as every action has an equal and opposite reaction, we each also have qualities on which we could work to strengthen and improve. Self-assessment, the ability to objectively look at our strengths and…

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Lead Generation: How To Turn Up the Heat in Q2/Q3

lead generation realtor 2nd quarter planning

The dog days of summer are upon us with record heat waves throughout the country and for many of us, those ambitious plans of early winter may be melting with the desire to stay in air conditioning with a cold drink. Which makes this a perfect time to revisit your lead generation strategies. But, that’s…

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Market Fluctuations: The Ups and Downs of Real Estate

real estate market fluctuations

One of the earliest truisms in life we all learn is that what goes up must inevitably come down, and that includes real estate market fluctuations. Every boom is followed by bust, every bull market by a bearish one. It’s much easier to be successful when the market is riding high, so we suggest all…

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Real Estate Sales: Secrets of the Top Agents

real estate sales

Every community and every local real estate group has those agents we all look up to. They annually produce the most real estate sales, stride with confidence into meetings with other agents and always look polished and put together. Most likely, what’s special about them are qualities and habits any agent can build with practice.…

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Honesty As A Policy: How To Get Real With Clients

realtor client relationship

Honesty, sharing the brutal truth with clients, isn’t always easy. As real estate professionals, we typically think of ourselves as going above and beyond the minimum requirements to ensure our clients are satisfied, because without happy clients, we have no business. Then this tricky thing called honesty gets in the way. However, suppose that, in…

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