Self-Assessment: Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

successful real estate agent

Each of us have our strong suits, those qualities that enable us to own a room and close a sale.But, just as every action has an equal and opposite reaction, we each also have qualities on which we could work to strengthen and improve. Self-assessment, the ability to objectively look at our strengths and weaknesses, is a critical element for in our evolution as professionals.

To be the best agent you can be, take the time for self-assessment, to understand the traits and tools at which you excel and those that need work. We’ll help out by discussing a few qualities all agents need to be on top of the game.

Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Agent

  1. You know it when you see it: That person who strides into the room and instantly, all eyes turn to the front of the room. The best way to project authority is to have confidence, and the surest way to have confidence is to know your subject matter backwards and forwards. As an agent, that means understanding the market from a buyer’s and seller’s perspective, having your presentations and scripts honed, and being dressed and groomed like the consummate professional.
  2. Energy and enthusiasm.Clearly, we all have different styles. You don’t need to present yourself as perkily as a cheerleader on a fall Saturday, but a display of energy does wonders to inspire confidence. Question that? Flip the tables and put yourself in the client’s seat: Who would you rather spend time with – an outgoing and personable agent or one who, despite their knowledge, inspires boredom.
  3. The client is most important. Of course, we are in business to earn a living, but earnestly placing the needs of the client first will ensure your success. That means you work to build their trust, even if that means longer hours for you. Add value to the relationship by helping them plan their finances, or connect them with someone who can, if they aren’t in a position to make an immediate down payment. Once you’ve made a sale, stay in touch.
  4. Create your own unique value proposition.Think of this like a mission statement. Putting in words what your value is and what you offer as an agent is a good tool for you, as you can remind and refocus yourself. But, it also offers a way for you to clarify in one short sentence what you offer in value that is unparalleled by other agents to your prospects and clients.

Finally, the key to self-assessment is to be authentic. Find your own style and interact with your customers and clients in a way that’s true to yourself, not as how you think a real estate agent should behave. Doing so is the best way to offer extra value, because you will earn the trust of clients and there’s no more effective way to be successful.