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Neighborhood Rules!

We all know the old real estate adage: “location, location, location.”

Perhaps a more accurate, technologically-appropriate modification of this adage is:  “neighborhood, neighborhood, neighborhood.”

Real estate agents know that buyers, perhaps now more than ever, are obsessed with being in the right neighborhood, whether for resale value, schools, walkability or a broad host of other emotional/rational reasons.

But when it comes to searching for new clients, the best agents know how to maximize their neighborhood knowledge to drive revenue.  For example:

  • Contacting neighbors who live in close proximity to current or former listings
  • Creating awareness and buzz for open houses-to attract both active buyers and neighbors who might also be interested in selling sometime in the near future
  • Farming potential sellers in specific areas.

Vulcan 7, the industry leader in lead generation/CRM technology, understands the value of neighborhood knowledge for success in today’s hyper-competitive real estate business. That’s why they now offer two real estate circle prospecting tool options to complement the existing menu of Vulcan 7 assets.


Building off of their existing model of offering the most accurate and current contact data, Vulcan 7’s Neighborhood Search provides the same, but now through an enhanced real estate geographic farming tool. Neighborhood search includes:

  • Unlimited lookups of industry-standard data with 1,000 lookups of enhanced data every month. Each query searches live databases and return the freshest data for contacting homeowners.
  • Target an individual address, a database of contacts, or an entire geographic area
  • The program allows you to add an address, draw a map or do a radius search
  • Apropos Vulcan 7’s best-in-class technology, Neighborhood Search returns results quickly, in batches, allowing you to start dialing hot leads immediately. You can request a new batch of leads at any time.
  • Vulcan 7’s user-friendly platform allows you to organize your search data in folders.
  • Vulcan 7’s dialer allows you to call quickly and efficiently, with no time wasted.

Neighborhood Search is a natural expansion of Vulcan 7’s platform.  And it is getting rave reviews. Realtor, Sarah Close said:

“I’ve been using Vulcan 7’s Neighborhood Search for my circle prospecting. What I love about Vulcan 7 is knowing I can always count on a high connect rate. So, on those days when I just want to talk to people, I’d add them to a circle prospecting list and call through Vulcan 7. Seriously, in just a few hours, I can talk to as many as 70 people. Don’t circle prospect without Vulcan 7. It’s the best.”

Learn more about Vulcan7’s Neighborhood Search add-on features.


Vulcan 7’s geographic farming toolkit also now includes GeoSearch.

GeoSearch provides the best, industry-standard neighborhood search data, at a more economical price point, also available to integrate into Vulcan 7’s CRM and dialer platform. GeoSearch is an excellent circle-prospecting tool, providing agents with:

  • Unlimited searches to find cell phone numbers and emails around recently-listed or sold properties in focus neighborhoods.
  • Target any neighborhood
  • Focus on a specific address, draw a map or develop a radius search
  • As with Neighborhood Search, GeoSearch delivers results quickly to your desktop dialer, so you are ready to begin calling.
  • Simple, user-friendly search organization into folders

You can learn more about GeoSearch HERE

Whether using Neighborhood Search or GeoSearch, Vulcan 7 provides you with a powerful competitive advantage when it comes to drilling down to specific neighborhoods.

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