Yes, You Can Thrive During These Challenging Times

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The spring real estate market is here.  Of course, because of the coronavirus, it will be unlike any spring real estate market any of us as every known. But, make no mistake: it’s here.  Which leads to the obvious question: what will you do to thrive, to set yourself apart from every other agent in…

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Pacing for the Long Haul

multiple clocks on wall, business woman

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint,’ is surely one of the most overused axioms in today’s business environment, but it makes sense. Anyone who has run a marathon knows that if you train too much early, you risk burnout and injury that keeps you from crossing the finish line or even starting the race. On…

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Preparing to Prospect

You already know there’s no success in our business without prospecting. Whether you are a novice or veteran, you’ll never stop, although hopefully your leads will begin to be primarily from referrals and less from cold calls. Prospecting is something you’re going to be doing every day, so you’ll need to prepare for it, to…

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Becoming a Leader

Chess board

Contrary to what you may always have been led to believe, leadership skills aren’t inborn. Some people may carry themselves with authority, but it’s always possible to learn how to lead. These are useful skills to have. You may not want to run your own brokerage one day, but the ability to present as an…

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Let Go Your Ego

businessman looking up, fist up

There’s nothing inherently wrong with ego: We all have one and, in many cases, it serves to as self-protection and even a mechanism for success. But ego run amok is an ugly thing and works to create just the opposite of success. The difference lies in what is healthy self-esteem and what is unhealthy ego.…

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