Preparing to Prospect

You already know there’s no success in our business without prospecting. Whether you are a novice or veteran, you’ll never stop, although hopefully your leads will begin to be primarily from referrals and less from cold calls.

Prospecting is something you’re going to be doing every day, so you’ll need to prepare for it, to get your game face on, and you should invest in a routine that puts you in the best shape to prospect well.

Below, you’ll find our suggestions for creating a personal program that will enable you to conquer any day of prospecting for maximum success.

  • Start the day quietly. Your day will become busy and no good comes from starting off a million miles an hour. Meditate for a few minutes. Keep the TV off and instead, write in your journal about what you hope to accomplish. Do some yoga or stretching.
  • Eat breakfast. Yes, we know your mother told you that, but mom is right. Starting the day with a meal gives you physical energy to launch your day. The basic formula is carbohydrates plus protein to meet your nutritional needs. So, please: Eat breakfast. We promise you’ll thank us (and your mother.)
  • Get some exercise. Too often we get so busy the day ends and our best plans haven’t come to fruition. We recommend exercising at the onset of the day. Whether you prefer a brisk walk, a run or going to the gym for weight training, you’ll improve your health – both mental and physical – and won’t experience the late-day guilt that comes when you’ve missed a workout.
  • Practice your scripts. There’s a reason you have scripts and that’s because they are a proven and effective tool. Practicing the comes with several benefits, including becoming comfortable with any situation that presents itself. Your brain can be trained like any other muscle and role-playing scripts with your colleagues is a great way to do so.
  • Refine your list. Before starting your calls, ensure your call list is organized so you can work through it at a steady rate. Review it and visualize each call ending with a listing appointment. Sure, not every single call may result in a listing, but we can guarantee that the power of positive thinking will result in more than a negative mindset.

Above all, be consistent. Building a successful routine reduces the need for constant planning so you can go about each day secure that your exceptional organizational skills have prepared you for a successful day of prospecting.

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