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15 Hot Minutes

One of the goals of this blog is to give you tips on being the best, most productive agent you can be.

In today’s post, we’re going to recap Ren Jones’ recent interview with Mike Darda on Vulcan 7’s live, Wednesday afternoon show, RoadMap

Mike, who works out of the Coral Gables, Florida area is one of a growing number of high-producing agents using something called “15-Minute Hot Somebodies.”

The concept is simple: every day (7 days a week), Mike takes 15 minutes to call 2-3 of his hottest leads. Typically, these are new expireds, but they can also be For Sale By Owners.

Mike makes these calls outside of his normal, morning prospecting period.

So, that means, he might be making calls after 5 PM.  Or, on the weekends, he’ll call early, before 10 am so he can get it out of the way and enjoy his weekend.

A couple of points about 15 minute hot somebodies:

  • It takes discipline. You have to make the commitment to make the calls and stick to it.  After all, anybody can do anything for 15 minutes.
  • Try to make the calls before you walk in the door every evening. This can happen either at the office or even in your driveway. Again, it’s only 15 minutes. Get it out of the way s you can devote yourself fully to your family.
  • 15 minute hot somebodies has been shown to be effective, and profitable. Successful agents, such as Mike, have used the “hot” strategy to 1-2 listing appointments every week. This typically can translate to 2 closings each month, or 24 a year.  You can, of course, do the math for your MLS.
  • Truth is, if the only thing you did was 15 minute hot somebodies, you could enjoy quite a lucrative business.

Whether its 15 minute hot somebodies or your own prospecting strategy, success is dictated by the degree to which you stick to a daily routine.  To be sure, routine is the lodestone for the most successful agents.

Can you spare 15 hot minutes?

By the way, if RoadMap isn’t on your calendar, make sure you sign up because you’re sure to get some great tips on securing more leads every week.  Here is a link to the show: https://www.vulcan7.com/roadmap/

Happy, 15-minute prospecting.

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