Consider Sending a Video Email to your Sphere

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As we wind down 2021 and set our sites on the great year we’re going to have in 2022, we thought this would be a good time to remind you of the importance of staying connected to those in your sphere of influence (SOI). All top-producing agents understand the importance of nurturing their SOI. These…

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Actively Pursue Business, Or Passively Wait?

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Did you know that only 3% of real estate agents across the U.S. are actively involved in prospecting?  Given this statistic, it’s no wonder a small percentage of agents do the vast majority of transactions year after year. Why do only 3% of agents prospect?  A common answer is fear of rejection.  Sure, there is rejection in prospecting, and…

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Versatility is the Key to Sales Success

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Perhaps one of the best, and most underappreciated, books on the art of selling is” Versatile Selling” published by Wilson Learning Library. Here’s how the authors explain versatile selling: “Versatile selling is tied to communication and connection because sales don’t happen without trust and confidence between buyer and seller.” IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR COMFORT Lete’s…

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