Lead Generation: Your Key to Prospering in a Shift Economy

You have to admit: it’s been quite a run! Real estate has gone through a period of nearly unimaginable growth over the past few years. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, the average price of a U.S. home was $375,000. Fueled by historic low interest rates and tightening inventory, the average price grew to…

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Use Real Estate Scripts to Drive More Revenue 

real estate scripts

One of the things we reinforce as often as possible at Vulcan7 is the importance of working with scripts. Without question, top-performing real estate agents have learned how to master the use of real estate scripts to control the flow and direction of every prospecting call. In this post, we take a deep dive into…

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Real Estate Lead Generation is About FOCUS

real estate lead generation

Humans (especially real estate agents) have never been busier. In a typical day, you might be dealing with: closing details, new listing presentations, managing fragile egos and constant interruptions from texts, emails, and calls. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re pulled in so many directions. You may not be clear about your priorities or…

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Vulcan7’s 11th Year….and Still Going Strong!

Today, April 11 imarks the 11th anniversary of Vulcan7. In recognition, here are 11 ways in which Vulcan7 has helped real estate agents throughout the country transform their businesses… and their lives. 1. The #1 Best CRM For Seller Business: Built by agents for agents, the “Best in Class” Vulcan7 CRM provides a user-friendly platform that…

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How to Master Circle Prospecting

circle prospecting tool for a neighborhood

Most top-performing real estate agents include CIRCLE PROSPECTING as part of their on-going production strategy. Circle prospecting involves calling homeowners within a radius around homes you’ve JUST LISTED or JUST SOLD. It can also be a strategy to establish yourself as a neighborhood expert. Circle prospecting tends to be a long-term, database-building strategy. In fact,…

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How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

successful real estate agent

If this headline grabbed your attention, you are likely in one of the following groups: You’re thinking of entering real estate as a new career. You are fairly new to real estate. You’re a real estate veteran, but falling short of your expectations. Regardless of where you land, consider today, and this blog post, as…

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Expired Listing Packets: Best Practices

The most successful real estate agents understand the value of daily prospecting. And, as we’ve said countless times in this blog, most prospecting agents focus on expired listings as a huge source of potential revenue. But top agents also know that expireds represent a unique challenge. Having failed to sell, homeowners are likely frustrated. They…

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Delegate Effectively and Sell More


If you follow this blog you know that we are dogged in our belief that the pathway to earning great money in real estate is by being a listing agent. If you agree with our philosophy and have added Vulcan7 to your prospecting and business development arsenal, there’s a good chance that realizing the kind…

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8 Tips for Success with For Sale by Owners


Whether you’re a real estate veteran or relatively new to the industry, you probably know that For Sale by Owner (FSBO) listings continue to be an excellent source of revenue. But either way, it’s important to recognize that FSBO prospects require a bit more TLC than the average homeowner.  With that in mind, here are…

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Preview Strategies: Part I

We spend a lot of time and energy in this blog reviewing best practices and strategies for maximizing your prospecting results, whether it’s with expireds, FSBOs, sphere, FRBOs or a combination of all four. As we often say, your primary goal in phone prospecting is to: GET IN THE DOOR. That’s because the magic of…

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