Long-Time Buyer’s Agent Pursues Vulcan7 Expired Listings to Acquire

$20 Million in Inventory in One Year


Average hour Spent Prospecting per Day


Inventory Gained from Vulcan7


Listings in 1st Year with Vulcan7


Years Using Vulcan7


Business Before Vulcan7

I spent 5 years as a buyer’s agent with little knowledge of the other side of the business. I knew I needed a way to learn more about the listing process, but I couldn’t do it with my current company.

Incorporating Vulcan7

I began using Vulcan7 about a year ago and I now make prospecting a big part of my day. In the beginning, I didn’t like cold calling, but I forced myself to spend 30 minutes a day doing it. I didn’t know what to say, but I didn’t want to use a script because I didn’t believe they worked.

Succeeding with Vulcan7

After continual rejection, I began using scripts and things began to turn around. It’s about making the process your own. A lot of this business is a mental game. You have to be prepared to meet rejection, but really, there are only around six things a seller can say. The key is to take the script and use it in your way, with your own personality and style.

Vulcan7 Provides Timely & Valuable Information

As Kimberly became comfortable with scripts, Vulcan7 provided the opportunity to reach new leads when they needed her most—while homeowners were struggling to sell their home on their own or when their listing in the MLS expired and they no longer had an agent representing them.

Most of Kimberly’s success comes from follow-up phone calls to homeowners every few weeks. Kimberly provides value with each follow-up call, sharing information about new market activity and recent solds. In the process, Kimberly’s credibility with homeowners grows, as does their trust in her ability to get the job done.

“Using Vulcan7 has opened up a whole new world for me.”

“Follow up is key to my business. I now make prospecting a big part of my day, every single day. Rather than find the time for it, I devote the time to it.”

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Expired leads

Expired listing leads are the bread and butter of real estate prospecting.


Fsbo leads

Since 9 out of 10 FSBO listings fail to sell without an agent's involvement, FSBO listings are a great funnel for prospecting.


Power dialer

A strong dialer gets you in contact with leads four times as fast as manually punching the numbers in.


Email marketing

Vulcan7 integrates video campaigns with emails and allows you to connect with your sphere & leads who have opted in.

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