S7 E7: Kerry Ellison’s Best Hacks to List Expireds & For Sale By Owners In This Market

GUEST: KERRY ELLISON shares her strategies to DOMINATE your market!!
Watch as Kerry Ellison, Keller Williams agent out of Little Rock, AK, who manages a team of 7, shares with us how she has become #1 in her MLS and #10 in her state!
“Houses are still selling! If you’re working, you’re selling homes!”
“I still love jumping on the dialer to call Expireds and FSBO’s, becasue they’re people with their hands up going ‘I want to sell, I want to sell!'”
“It goes back to Expireds and FSBOs, they are there wanting to do business, and you have to get to ‘ready business’, and that’s how you do it.”
“You have people out there with their hands up that are actively on the market – For Sale By Owners and Expireds. If somebody wants to build their listings, that’s where you start.”