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Leverage Vulcan7®, the most accurate, powerful, and effective real estate seller lead generation platform, and successfully turn leads into listings.

Reach home sellers who need your help.

Real estate seller leads are the foundation for predictable, consistent income and a thriving real estate career. Vulcan7 provides the best listing leads for realtors daily, with accurate phone numbers and email addresses for expired listings, FSBOs, and FRBOs in your market.


Turn Seller Leads into Listings

Vulcan7® has everything you need to build consistent seller business. New seller leads are waiting for you early each morning. All you have to do is log in, start calling, and connect with home sellers who need your help.

Industry’s Most
Accurate Lead Data

Vulcan7 delivers qualified, motivated real estate seller leads daily. Build your business with the industry's most accurate contact information for expired listings, FSBOs, and FRBOs. Identify additional opportunities through Vulcan7's Neighborhood Search, with powerful filters including Absentee Owners, Pre-Foreclosures, High Equity, Free and Clear, Empty Nesters, and Likely to List.


Vulcan7’s Dialer is pre-loaded with leads to save you time and energy. Make calls with 4x more efficiency over manual dialing. More dials per hour + Vulcan7's highly accurate data = more conversations with sellers who need your help! With Vulcan7's superior data, you're not just making calls, you're making connections.

Smart Contact

Vulcan7's embedded Customer Relationship Management platform empowers agents to maximize productivity with each lead. Built by agents, for agents, Vulcan7 is the #1 best CRM for prospectors who want to take their seller business to the next level. Agents with Vulcan7 create business rather than waiting for business to come to them.

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Drive Your Business with Premium Quality Real Estate Seller Leads

Vulcan7 delivers the industry’s most accurate and most reliable seller leads to your desktop every morning. You'll have access to Expireds, FSBOs, and FRBO/Investor leads. You'll also be able to leverage Neighborhood Search contacts with powerful filters to identify pre-foreclosures, absentee owners, free and clear, high equity, empty nesters, and Likely to List.

Expireds have already made the difficult decision to sell their home. More importantly, they have also demonstrated their willingness to work with an agent. 40% of expireds re-list their home within 30 days, providing you with an incredible opportunity to become the hero and help solve problems that held back a sale the first time. And when you're the agent who gets the job done, expireds are grateful sellers who will refer you to others.

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The industry’s top-producing realtors know that FRBOs (For Rent By Owners) can be a powerful prospecting lead source. FRBOs typically own multiple properties and are likely to do more transactions in the future. Investors can provide recurring business -- and they are less emotional about the transactions. It's all about return on investment for FRBO/Investors. Vulcan7 can help you get into conversations with investors and build long-lasting relationships, creating pipeline business for years to come.



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Homes with unrepresented sellers sell for nearly 33% less and take significantly longer to sell than homes sold through the Realtor network. Nationwide, 9 out of 10 FSBOs fail to sell on their own. More than 90% of FSBOs will list with an agent, and 70% of FSBOs list with an agent within 4 weeks. When you become proficient in helping FSBOs, you will have discovered one of the industry's Fastest Single Business Opportunities.

When you take each listing with Vulcan7, you'll want to call around it and grab the next one. Just Listed calls can be golden. When one home goes on the market in a neighborhood, another will go on market within 2-3 weeks. And Just Sold calls are incredibly opportunistic -- as the successful listing agent, you have instant credibility! Vulcan7 provides Standard Neighborhood Search with all data packages, including powerful filters to identify Pre-Foreclosures, Absentee Owners, Free and Clear, High Equity, Empty Nesters, and Likely to List.

Get in the Game with Vulcan7, Where Accuracy Meets Opportunity

Built by agents for agents, Vulcan7’s real estate prospecting platform is trusted by top-producing agents as their go-to solution for the most accurate and reliable real estate seller leads.

See What Agents Are Saying About Vulcan7....

Since starting with Vulcan 7 in November of 2017 their leads generate accounted for 80% of my billing in 2017, 70% of my billing in 2018 and this far in 2019 50% of my billing.

Tom Gavin

I started with Vulcan7 just over 3 weeks ago. I've been able to hit well over 100 dials in an hour and the quality of the numbers is light years ahead of other expired services I have used in the past. 

Paul Cantu

Vulcan 7 by far in the industry has the most accurate telephone numbers, their site is very user-friendly, there neighborhood search for circle dialing are the best numbers...they have added so much to my business.

Mark Diaz

Vulcan7 helps us close an additional 25 deals a year! I simply do not know of a better lead service for real estate agents.

Patrick Goswitz

If you are looking to boost up your sales and are looking for the best dialer system on the market for expired listings...Vulcan is the answer!! 

Tony Serrano