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Vulcan7® is the most innovative tool available for agents who prospect daily. As a client, for the past 4 years, I have consistently added an additional $90,000 to $110,000 to my end of year GCI.

Vulcan7 has been instrumental in bringing my real estate business to the next level.

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Vulcan7® is everything you need under one roof. Just log in, get new real estate seller leads daily, and reach home sellers with our built-in tools.

Find out why the industry’s top agents trust Vulcan7® every day.

Understanding Real Estate Seller Leads

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Real estate listing leads, also referred to as listing leads or seller leads are the foundation of a successful real estate career.

The best, most productive, real estate agents understand how to leverage listing leads in order to generate authority, trust and, most importantly, revenue. They've learned how to address the needs of their prospects by providing value at every stage of the sales process

Using a best-in-class CRM and dialer system like Vulcan7, real estate agents understand that seller lead generation is the best way to keep their sales funnel full.

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But many real estate agents who are new to the business often worry about how to generate seller leads. If you're amoung them, you've come to the right place. Vulcan7 provides the best listing leads for realtors. Every morning, our real estate seller leads hit your inbox with accurate home and cell numbers and emails, for every listen property in your area.

Many new real estate agents want to focus on being a buyer's agent. But the team at Vulcan7 firmly believes that the greatest (and easiest) path to a prosperous career in real estate is to put 100% of your energy towards listings. To that end, we are committed to providing, on a daily basis, the best seller leads for real estate agents in the business.

Drive Your Business Through Real Estate Seller Leads

Vulcan7 delivers the best real estate seller leads to your desktop every morning. Plus, we help you tap into the value of these leads with our best-in-class dialer and CRM.

Let's look at the listing lead generation real estate resources Vulcan7 provides the agents at all experience levels.

When it comes to real estate seller leads, most of the top real estate agents in our industry focus on expired listings. That's because nearly 40% of expired listing homeowners relist with a NEW real estate agent within one month. Agents who are able to hone their expired listing prospecting skills can ensure themselves a steady flow of revenue throughout the year.

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An often-overlooked category of real estate seller leads is for rent by owner, or FRBO. People with multiple rental properties are likely to buy and sell frequently.

That's why Vulcan7 provides FRBO leads FREE as part of its expired and FSBO package.

Many successful agents include circle prospecting in their business development efforts. Circle prospecting allows them to focus on a specific area of town, or even specific neighborhoods. With Vulcan7's Neighborhood Search tool, agents can receive contacts within a specific radius of a selected area. The surest path to success in our industry is to leverage the power of real estate seller leads. And there's no better source of great real estate seller leads than Vulcan7.

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Another powerful category of real estate seller leads is for sale by owner (FSBO). Why? Because 9 out of 10 FSBO's fail to sell, and will typically turn to a real estate professional within four weeks if they can't find a buyer. Generally, FSBO's tend to be more open to talking with an agent. To that end, we suggest that new agents focus on FSBO's as a means of honing their prospecting skills.

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Another way to generate revenue is by reaching out to homeowners whose properties are in Pre-Foreclosure. Vulcan7 provides you with industry-standard data including cell numbers, and email addresses for these distressed property owners who have entered the pre-foreclosure process.

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Real Estate Seller Leads

We provide customized program implementation with one on one training

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Most packages are all-inclusive and include multiple lead sources. Pick from Expired Listings, FSBO leads, or both to suit your prospecting needs

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