FRBO Leads

Take More Listings - Call FRBOS/Investors!

People who have a lot of rental properties buy and sell often. All Vulcan7 Expired and FSBO accounts now include FRBO's for FREE.

For Rent By Owner listings are one of the best ways to get in conversation with investors. Successful high producing agents always have a number of investors they work with.  When you call them you are not necessarily trying to discuss only the home they have for sale but it is a great place to start.

Investor Best Practices

Remember: you are not necessarily trying to discuss only the home they have for sale.
If they don’t want to sell that rental you can say:

  • Do you have any other properties that you might want to sell or exchange (IRS 1031 tax-free exchange) for something more lucrative?
  • I am curious,  how long have you been buying and selling investment property?
  • How many doors do you have now?
  • What kinds of properties do you like to buy?  If you had a magic wand...what neighborhood(s) would the ideal investment home be in?  What is it constructed of? How many bedrooms/baths? What is the price? What is the monthly rent?
  • Great!  I will call you when I have the perfect investment home for you.

 REMEMBER……when they respond to your question, use the response pattern


YOU: How many doors do you have now?

THEY:   I just bought my 47th property.

YOU:   47 properties!!   How nice!!!


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