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Neighborhood Search Leads

Whether it’s making just listed/just sold calls, creating buzz for your open houses, or prospecting buyers and sellers in any given area, we know that agents NEED neighborhood search.  Our real estate circle prospecting product, better known as Vulcan7 Neighborhood Search, provides multiple ways to search & prospect your neighborhoods, using industry-standard data. Vulcan7 Neighborhood Search provides various map searches, advanced searching filters,
PLUS Single Address and Bulk upload search options. Upgrade to our Premium Leads package and you will also get verified emails, plus richer, more up to date on-demand data, including more phone numbers.

Let Vulcan7 Neighborhood Search help you find the exact homes you are looking for!

Target absentee owners, filter by length of ownership, the property value, Multi family, and property details!

Learn more about our circle prospecting tools below:

real estate geographic farming

Standard Data

  • Target any neighborhood

  • Enter an address, draw on map, or radius search

  • QUICK and fast results

  • Name your search - organize in folders

  • Quickly dial each search

  • Advanced Filters Available such as Owner Occupied, Non-Owner Occupied, etc

  • Single Address Lookup

  • Bulk Upload

  • Likely To List Coming Soon

Includes everything in the Standard package


  • 1,000 Premium Contacts
  • Real Time Live Data 
  • Verified Email Addresses
  • More Phone Numbers

About Circle Prospecting

Every Real Estate Agent needs a Neighborhood Search Product to provide them with accurate phone numbers to grow their business by circle prospecting. That is because circle prospecting, just listed, and just sold calls are some of the most successful lead generation techniques in the industry.

What is Circle Prospecting?

circle prospecting with Vulcan7's Neighborhood Search

Circle Prospecting is when an agent identifies neighborhoods or areas where they would like to be the Neighborhood Specialist, and then reaches out to contacts in the area. According to the Homeowner Sentiment Survey, 23% of current homeowners are considering selling their home but have not put it up for sale. Circle prospecting allows an agent to reach potential sellers before they find a real estate agent. Building rapport with these homeowners who are not receiving calls from other real estate agents, is one way circle prospecting helps you build lifelong client relationships.

Circle Prospecting Software

Agents can get real-time contact data for targeted neighborhoods using Vulcan7’s circle prospecting software, Vulcan7 Neighborhood Search. Every query searches the live database and returns the latest data to get you in contact with homeowners that need your help more quickly. Whether you are looking for a single address, a database of contacts, or a geographic area, Vulcan7 Neighborhood Search can help you find your next listing. To find the exact homes you are looking to sell, use our filters before you search, available in all Vulcan7 Neighborhood Search data packages.

Filter by :

Absentee Owner or Owner Occupied

Minimum/Maximum Estimated or Assessed Value

Property type: Single Family, Condo, Multi Family, Mobile Home, Land, or other

Property Detail: Minimum/Maximum Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Square Footage, Acreage, Year Built, and Length of Ownership

Circle Prospecting Strategies

Not only do you need to have the best software with the most accurate data, circle prospecting requires strategy as well. A combination of consistent outreach, effective scripts, roleplay partners, and a genuine approach are elements of a successful strategy. Watch our Roadmap episode on circle prospecting strategies to learn more about how to foster relationships, gauge interest, and the best time to follow up.