Tighter Abs, More Transactions??

By Doug Spak / February 19, 2018

Sound mind, sound body, the saying goes. But, who has time to exercise consistently? Most of us juggle enough between work, family, and volunteer activities. Turns out you need to make time to get fit. Regular exercise makes you more productive and actually translates into business success. In fact, many highly successful business leaders, including billionaire investor Warren Buffet, claim Read More >

Emotional Intelligence and Sales Success

By Doug Spak / February 12, 2018

When thinking of stereotypical sales professionals, emotional intelligence may not be the first trait that springs to mind, but it’s the key to effective personal and professional relationships. Emotional intelligence is defined as the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically. In business, emotions come into play in a couple of Read More >

Small Business Owners: What You Should Know

By Doug Spak / February 5, 2018

Small Business Owners: What You Should Know At base, all real estate brokers are small businesses. If you haven’t taken steps to review trends that may affect your business in the coming year, now’s the time to do so before the year progresses further. The recently passed tax overhaul is sure to affect you, but in what ways? Let’s take Read More >

Maintaining Work-Life Balance

By Doug Spak / January 29, 2018

Is there a real estate professional alive who doesn’t know the feeling of juggling showings, clients, and meeting with other agents with getting to a child’s soccer game or even having a date night with a spouse? There may be no other profession in which achieving a balance between our professional life and our personal life is so difficult and Read More >

Take A Break For This Refresher Course In Time Management

By Doug Spak / January 22, 2018

Some experts say time management is the ‘mother of all business skills.’ Knowing what items to prioritize and how to get the most amount of productive work into the workday cannot be underestimated. Yet many people feel constantly stressed and run late, the latter of which can be a deal killer in the real estate business. Before 2018 progresses much Read More >

Improve Your Business Writing (and Improve Your Business)

By Doug Spak / January 15, 2018

Your days of English composition class may be long in the rear-view mirror, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to continue to hone your writing skills. Effective business writing is essential to a successful business: the corollary is that poor or ineffective writing skills can cost you money if clients don’t understand the message you are attempting to convey. Read More >

Building Your Personal Brand in 2018

By Doug Spak / January 8, 2018

A “brand’ is defined by Business Dictionary as a unique design, symbol, words, or combination that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors, becoming over time, associated with credibility. Personal branding is no different, but to put it more simply, it’s the means by which people remember you. In the crowded real estate profession, you need to stand Read More >

Get Serious About Marketing in 2018

By Doug Spak / December 18, 2017

It’s time to get serious about marketing. Regardless your 2017 transaction performance, life in real estate won’t get easier in 2018. Your competitors are hungrier and technology continues to turn the industry on its head. Put yourself in the shoes of the prospective homeowner. You are bombarded with postcards, cold calls, emails and bus-stop benches featuring good-looking real estate agents Read More >

Is Your Real Estate Website Converting?

By Doug Spak / December 15, 2017

No matter how pretty your website may be, it’s not really working for you if it’s not converting visitors into prospects or leads. Let’s take a look at the key elements you can’t do without on your site. IDX Integration. To keep buyers coming to your site, you need to ensure they can see every listing in your market – Read More >

Real Estate Lead Generation Best Practices

By Doug Spak / December 8, 2017

We all know lead generation is essential to remaining successful in real estate, whether for novices or veterans. Starting out, it’s easy: who hasn’t called through their list of friends, family, and business associates? But it’s vital to continue to “feed the beast” and generate new leads, and one source isn’t enough. Many of you use top-of-the-line lead generation data Read More >

Blogging As A Lead Generation Strategy

By Doug Spak / November 27, 2017

Does your real estate agent website include a blog? If you’re like most agents, chances are the answer is yes. Many website platforms today include a blog tab. Of course, if you use WordPress for one of your sites, a blog is instrumental to the design. So, the obvious next question: if you have a blog, do you post content Read More >

Building Your Agent Brand Is About Intangibles

By Doug Spak / November 13, 2017

A recent post on ActiveRain was entitled How To Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar. The post promoted their ebook by the same title. It was a good post and worth reading. The writer lays out three essentials for any modern real estate marketing plan: Marketing Strategy: indeed, looking at what you’ve done over the past 12 months is essential Read More >

How Drones Are Changing Real Estate

By Doug Spak / November 6, 2017

In one of the many ways evolving technology is affecting the real estate industry, the usage of unmanned aircraft systems, or ‘drones,’ is providing brokers and agents with sophisticated tools for marketing properties. The detailed aerial views drones provide are an affordable way to showcase homes, a plus in that MLS statistics show homes with aerial images sell 68 percent Read More >

19 Cool Stats About The Power of Video Marketing

By Doug Spak / October 23, 2017

Like just about every other industry, real estate is moving into the video age.  Virtual home tours have become the norm on most websites.  Facebook Live has turned the average person into the average person with the ability to impose his or her face into your newsfeed.  And video email through subscription services like StoryTellr is changing the way agents Read More >

Is Your Digital Footprint Making the Grade?

By Doug Spak / October 9, 2017

We won’t belabor the point that a strong online presence is critical to real estate success. If you don’t know that by now, well, it’s likely you may not have a long and fruitful career in real estate. Today, home sellers and buyers have so many ways to get to know you before ever speaking to you on the phone Read More >

Real estate prospecting

6 Things To Remember When Rejection Is Getting You Down

By Doug Spak / September 18, 2017

Real estate prospecting is all about rejection. Rejection is as much a part of sales as cold-calling: even those who excel at real estate prospecting won’t win every client or close every deal. The key to remaining successful is overcoming the negative feelings that go along with rejection and getting back on the proverbial horse. But how? Expect rejection. It’s a part Read More >

The Marketing Journey: Part 6-Putting It Altogether

By Doug Spak / September 11, 2017

Now it’s time for the fun stuff! The first five posts in this series were devoted to the stuff to which people pay little or no attention: business goals translated into marketing strategy, translated to communication strategy, translated to your brand idea, or the story you will tell prospects. An important aspect of this journey was money: how much you Read More >

marketing story

The Marketing Journey: Part 5-Telling Your Story

By Doug Spak / September 5, 2017

In today’s post, we build upon the message from Post 4 of this series which focused on Communication Strategies. Now we are into the mean of the marketing journey and that is: defining your brand idea or, more accurately, your brand story. It might help, however, to revisit the notion of branding, especially as relates to the world of real Read More >

Communication Strategies

The Marketing Journey: Part 4-Communication Strategies

By Doug Spak / August 28, 2017

In our previous post, we discussed the relationship of communication objectives to your overall business goals. We outlined examples of common communication objectives, such as: Create advocates by speaking to someone’s passion Inciting interest in your business Encouraging curiosity about what you have to say We took this a step further by suggesting the types of responses we’d hope to Read More >

The Marketing Journey: Part 3-Communication Objectives

By Doug Spak / August 21, 2017

In the first two posts of this 6-part series, we discussed: The importance of setting S.M.A.R.T. business objectives (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time-bound) as a prelude to developing a personal brand marketing program. Defining what role marketing will play in the process of achieving your business objectives. With today’s post, we move into communication: what you say about your brand Read More >

The Marketing Journey: Part 2-Marketing Objectives

By Doug Spak / August 9, 2017

In the first post of this six-part series on defining the marketing journey, we discussed the importance of setting clear business objectives using the S.M.A.R.T. approach: specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound. For real estate agents, it’s most likely your business goals are defined in terms of closed transactions from year to year. So, you have the easy part out Read More >

The Marketing Journey-Part 1: Business Objectives

By Doug Spak / August 1, 2017

Brand marketing is often a mystery to many small business owners. This is particularly true for real estate agents who seem to believe that “selling harder” is always the answer to success. To be sure, nobody discounts the value of selling harder, using advanced technology such as Vulcan 7 or Espresso Agent to maximize lead generation and CRM efforts. But here’s Read More >

Are You A People Focused Leader?

By Doug Spak / July 21, 2017

Let’s face it: the real estate business isn’t for the faint of heart and it’s an industry that calls for strong and motivational leaders. Whether you have your own agency, are a managing broker, or even an agent working to lead your clients in the right directions, it’s crucial to hone an effective leadership style. And, although styles don’t have Read More >

Should You Become A Broker?

By Doug Spak / July 9, 2017

So you’ve had your real estate license for a few years. You’ve been successful listing properties and closing transactions and the next logical step seems to become a broker. Or is it? While getting a broker’s license comes with obvious rewards – chiefly, a higher paycheck – it’s not for everyone. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons Read More >

real estate dialer

Are You Using the Right Real Estate Dialer

By Doug Spak / June 22, 2017

A truism of a career in real estate is the need to keep generating new leads, and most agents cannot continue to do that through existing relationships alone. At some point, agents looking to build their book of business will cold call potential leads, and dialing for leads without the assistance of a strong real estate dialer can quickly become Read More >

Inside The Mind Of A Driven Professional

By Doug Spak / June 6, 2017

Highly successful real estate professionals, no matter the geographic market in which they operate, be they in commercial or residential real estate, tend to share many of the same qualities. To a lucky few, these qualities are innate, but most achieve success by carefully analyzing these qualities and cultivating them. We’ve identified six qualities/personality characteristics that define high-performing, driven professionals: Read More >

Is Your Business Culture “Millennial Friendly?”

By Doug Spak / May 18, 2017

Regardless of the size of your brokerage or real estate team, recruiting must always be a top priority. Even if you don’t have openings today, you may next week and it is critical to be proactive about recruiting in order to have a strong bench to support your business. In today’s post, we are going to focus on millennials, the Read More >

Real Estate Prospecting: 5 Tips For A More Effective Website Experience

By Doug Spak / May 11, 2017

For top agents, real estate prospecting often begins in the morning, probably working the phones (of course, using leads secured through Vulcan 7!). But one thing that is often dismissed when it comes to a holistic approach to real estate prospecting is the value of your website.  In fact, it’s not unusual to hear agents bemoaning the fact that they get Read More >

Driven, With Purpose

By Doug Spak / May 5, 2017

Regardless of how good you are with the fundamentals (i.e. power dialing, lead generation, customer relationships), it’s critical that you remember the intangibles that keep you balanced and focused. Here are six strategies for maintaining your psychological, emotional and physical emotional equilibrium on the way to closing more deals. 1. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT In the real estate business, Read More >

Vulcan 7

On Leadership

By Doug Spak / April 23, 2017

You’ve made it! You’re one of the select few real estate agents who put in the hours, worked the phones and used the right tools (yes, Vulcan 7 for the really successful!!) to outperform your peers. You had the gift, that special (some might say fearless) quality that drove you to success. Your book of business continued to grow until Read More >

Mindfully Driven To Succeed

By Doug Spak / April 13, 2017

If you’re playing at the top end of the real estate game, you know the pressure to perform can be relentless. Regardless of how successful you may be, the stress can wear you down over time. Yes, if you’re a Vulcan 7 client you’re luckier than most because you can work with superior tools to make your job easier. But Read More >

Real Estate CRM And The Power of Video Email

By Doug Spak / March 28, 2017

In a recent book on the power of video in today’s marketing environment, Dr. James McQuivey, a leading analyst at Forrestor Research estimates that one minute of video delivers the same communication impact as 1.8 million words. Here is how he came to his estimate: Some might dismiss this such a claim. But with video consumption rising at a rate of 100% Read More >

5 Steps To Maximize Your Productivity

By Doug Spak / March 21, 2017

Real estate agents are always looking for an edge, some way to enhance their productivity and effectiveness. But often, they can feel overwhelmed with to-do lists that seem to grow exponentially, obscuring any sense that important things are getting accomplished. Vulcan 7 suggests you consider these five steps to improve your productivity: TRACK TIME SPENT ON TASKS If you’re like Read More >

Real Estate Prospecting Redefined With IPing

By Doug Spak / March 13, 2017

Neighborhood farming is still one of the most effective strategies for real estate prospecting. Unfortunately, despite advances in technology, most agents farm with traditional “one-size-fits-all” techniques, notably direct mail postcards, flyers and door-to-door canvassing. If you’re looking for a more advanced way to farm neighborhoods, you should check out IPing, offered exclusively by Vulcan 7’s sister company Radio and Digital Read More >

Real Estate CRM Systems Can Be A Game Changer

February 21, 2017

Real estate CRM (Customer Relation Management) is a common term in the business world. But it is particularly critical in real estate as thousands of agents compete to stay on top of an ever-changing landscape of contacts, leads, qualified prospects, etc. CRM is the term used to describe the technological strategies used to analyze and manage engagement through a customer’s Read More >

Real Estate Prospecting and Your Value Proposition

February 13, 2017

Real estate prospecting pits you against the world, every other hungry real estate agent looking to nail down the next prospect and close the next deal. Everybody’s aggressive and promising the moon. Everybody is selling their passion and attention to detail. So, why should the prospect listen to you? What sets you apart from the field? The key might lie Read More >

Lead Generation Success Starts With a Strong Team

February 6, 2017

Lead generation is the lifeblood of every successful agent. But you may get to the point where more leads are wearing you out if you’re on your own. Maybe you’re experiencing burn-out? If this is the case, maybe it’s time to begin building a team around you. What’s it take to build a strong team? Vulcan 7 suggests the following: Read More >

Lead Generation Important? Get Focused.

January 30, 2017

As a successful real estate agent, you have more on your plate than the average person, especially if you lead a successful team. Every day you deal with myriad closing details, new listing presentations, managing fragile egos and constant interruptions from texts, emails, and calls. We can’t forget lead generation, the lifeblood of top agents. And, of course, we have Read More >

FSBO Leads? Craft Your Story To Close The Deal

January 25, 2017

FSBO (For Sale By Owner) statistics are probably familiar to you if you’ve been in the real estate business long enough Nearly 9 out of 10 homeowners fail when trying to sell their own home. Wanting to pocket the commission, they go into the process thinking a sign in the front yard is all it takes. Frustrated, they typically turn Read More >

Lead Generation And The Power of Mindset

January 25, 2017

Lead generation excellence separates the good from the great real estate agents. In fact, it’s probably not a stretch to assume that the top 1% of the 1 million plus agents got there because of powerful lead generation habits. Vulcan 7 has identified a number of intangibles that drive super agents: Great sellers exhibit high levels of “successful energy.” We often Read More >

Real Estate Prospecting Begins In The Morning

January 25, 2017

Real estate prospecting is challenging and can also be stressful for agents regardless of how long you’ve been in the business. For many top agents, the success of their real estate prospecting efforts often begins with how the start their day. “Morning is an important time of day because how you spend your morning can often tell what kind of Read More >