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Maintain a Success Mentality

Regardless of how good you are with the fundamentals (i.e. power dialing, lead generation, customer relationships), it’s critical that you remember it’s the mental intangibles that keep you balanced and focused on success. Here are six strategies for maintaining your psychological, emotional and physical equilibrium on the way to closing more deals. 1. YOU ARE…

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How AI Is Changing Real Estate

Artificial intelligence. The term conjures up images of scenes from “Mission Impossible” with its futuristic tone, but in fact, those of us with smartphones are already familiar with the technology. When Siri responds to our iPhone questions or Facebook shows us an ad for a product we just searched, we are using artificial intelligence (AI),…

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A Time Management Refresher Course for the New Year

Time, we often hear, is our most precious resource. There are only 24 hours in each day and as much as we might wish for more hours, we are much better off finding systems for using that time well than wanting what we can’t have. While 2019 is still young, assess your time management skills…

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Knowledge Equals Power

The 18th-century British poet, Alexander Pope, coined the phrase, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, “which is largely interpreted to mean that having just a bit of learning on a subject can lead to overconfidence. In the highly competitive field of real estate, a little knowledge is indeed dangerous to those seeking success. With…

A Little Marketing Refresher

A Little Marketing Refresher

The beginning of any year is a great time to review some of the basics of the trade, so this week, we’ll take a look at best practices for marketing. It’s one of the most critical aspects to being successful in the real estate business, as you must market to stand out from the competition.…

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Basic Strategies for Lead Generation

Basic Strategies for Lead Generation Since it’s still early in the year, it’s a great time to re-focus on the basics of the business. Prospecting and getting leads are obviously the most crucial tactics to succeeding as an agent for without them, we get no clients, and with no clients come no sales. So, let’s…