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A Little Marketing Refresher

A Little Marketing Refresher

The beginning of any year is a great time to review some of the basics of the trade, so this week, we’ll take a look at best practices for marketing. It’s one of the most critical aspects to being successful in the real estate business, as you must market to stand out from the competition.…

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Basic Strategies for Lead Generation

Basic Strategies for Lead Generation Since it’s still early in the year, it’s a great time to re-focus on the basics of the business. Prospecting and getting leads are obviously the most crucial tactics to succeeding as an agent for without them, we get no clients, and with no clients come no sales. So, let’s…

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3 Mindfulness Exercises for Stressed Out Agents

Are you driven, Type A personality? Highly competitive? Always battling the clock? Often impatient? These may be the very characteristics that contribute to your success. But they can also be qualities that drain your energy and make you susceptible to stress-related illnesses. We obviously can’t change who we are. We can’t alter our personality type,…

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Prospecting For Life

Let’s face it: if you are to have a successful career in real estate, you’ll always be prospecting. Sure, it gets easier as you build a reputation and gain more referrals, but you will never stop seeking out qualified prospects. The start of a new year is the perfect time to examine your habits and…

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E-Mail Marketing: The Importance of Opt-In

Spam. Once it evoked images of kitschy, canned, spiced ham, but we all know what it means now: unwanted emails that clog our boxes and force us to delete daily or spend time unsubscribing. Of course, you think your e-mail campaigns are compelling but not everyone whose address you acquire is going to want to…

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E-Mail Marketing Best Practices

E-mail marketing has become one of the most basic tools in any agent’s tool kit, and while it’s simple to do, it’s not always easy to do it well or even correctly. As with all business practices, there are steps you can take that ensure you don’t run afoul of marketing norms or worse yet,…