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Top Producing Real Estate Agents Hold Themselves Accountable to High Standards – Do You?

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result.” —  Bob Proctor

As real estate agents, we are independent contractors.  We must be self-motivated to work and perform at a certain level.  Many of us know what to do, but knowing is not the same as doing.  You can avoid this potential pitfall by creating accountability.

Top producers start by holding themselves accountable to high standards.  They have strong, personal commitments to the work they need to do and the clients they want to serve.  They also set measurable goals and surround themselves with external layers of accountability to stay on track.  Examples of external accountability include:

  • Real Estate Coach — It’s no coincidence that many top agents are in some type of coaching program
  • Accountability partners — Are you calling?  Have you met your contact goal for today?
  • Role play partners — Script and objection handling practice with different personality styles
  • Mastermind groups — Generate new ideas, tackle challenges together
  • Group prospecting — Energy, motivation, and commitment in group setting

Long after their real estate scripts have been internalized, most top producers work with role play and/or accountability partners before each day’s lead generation.  Working with a partner who faces the same challenges, together you can develop discipline, routine, and the habit of a tight morning routine.  Working with an accountability partner also helps to ease repetitious boredom.  To boost levels of commitment, some agents create accountability games including financial payments or dinners owed to one another if commitments aren’t fulfilled.  

Highly successful agent Doug Cary, in the top 1% of all Realtors in the U.S., believes accountability is critical to his motivation and success.  Doug has created multiple layers of accountability for greater focus and to counterbalance homeowner rejection. This two minute video shares his insight:  


Accountability can make the difference between occasional wins through lead generation and the security of predictable, consistent income.  You can find like minded agents seeking accountability and role play partners on Monday Morning Pre-Game (Click here to sign up for Pre-Game) and Take 52 (Click here to sign up for Take 52).


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