7 Tips for Success with Vulcan7

We've found that these 7 tips are our best practices top producing agents live by.
If used correctly, you will find significant success with Vulcan7 in your real estate career!

Tip 1: Accountability, focus, and the power of the schedule.

Prospecting is the bridge to get you to your goals.  Regular, systematic lead generation with accurate data on expired and FSBO  “now” opportunities has been proven to increase seller business. Designate and honor your time for daily prospecting (mornings, lunch, and 4-6 pm have proven effective).  Accountability partners further increase your likelihood of continued success.

Tip 2: Role-play, practice, make sure scripts include overcoming common objections, and maintain the proper mindset.

Tip 3: Listen carefully to homeowners, uncover their motivation to sell, and let them know that you want to apply for the job of listing their home!

Tip 4: Build your database.

Capture homeowner data, even if they are not “now” business, and find ways to serve and stay in touch.  Example: "We'd like to keep you updated on what's happening in your market and neighborhood -- what's your best email address?"

Tip 5: Nine out of ten FSBO’s nationwide fail to sell. Most list with an agent within four weeks.

These sellers are motivated by their bottom line proceeds.  Where possible, share data showing that agent-represented listings sell faster, at a higher rate, or at higher prices.  

Tip 6: 40% of expired listings nationwide re-list with a new agent within 30 days. The other 60% take a break before choosing a new agent.

Call early, and demonstrate persistent follow up.  Home sellers will respect your willingness to earn their business!  Fewer agents call older expireds-- many successful agents consider these opportunities to be GOLDEN!  They will be endeared to you if you remember their home.

Tip 7: Set your goals high, study what worked, be consistent, keep prospecting when the pipeline is full, and encourage referrals from satisfied sellers. Shadow highly successful agents to keep learning and keep your momentum building!