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Vulcan7 Premium Neighborhood Search offers the best circle prospecting software on the planet. With our CRM and built-in dialer, hands down, you can't get better than our powerful prospecting tools. Make more calls AND talk to more people with our premium circle prospecting leads. Use our powerful platform to not just reach new clients, but to update your existing database with missing/outdated info.

Filter before you search, to select just the properties you are looking for. 

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Get real-time contact data for your neighborhoods using Vulcan7’s real estate geographic farming tool. Every query searches the live database and returns the freshest data to get you in contact with homeowners that need your help more quickly. Whether you’re looking to prospect a single address, a database of contacts, or a geographic area, Vulcan7 Neighborhood Search can help you find your next listing.

Find just the homes you are looking for with our advanced filtering system: search for absentee owners, by the length of ownership, property value, or look for just single or multi-families.  You can even search by property details like the number of bedrooms, square footage, or acreage. 

I've been using Vulcan7 Neighborhood Search for my circle prospecting.  What I love about Vulcan7 is knowing I can always count on a high connect rate.  So, on those days when I just want to talk to people, I'd add them to a circle prospecting list and call through Vulcan7.  Seriously, in just a few hours, I can talk to as many as 70 people. Don't circle prospect without Vulcan7. It's the best.


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V7 Neighborhood Real Time
/ Live Data Results

Once you enter a query, Vulcan7 begins searching a live database with current contact information in real time, unlike historical archived databases other neighborhood.

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Quick Results

Want results fast? V7’s Neighborhood Search returns results in batches allowing you to start dialing on hot leads right away. At any time, request more leads and the next batch will download. Don’t wait for thousands of results to load just to spend all of your time dialing through old contact info. We know your time is valuable, get to what matters – faster.

Range Search

Enter an address, then select miles to draw a radius or use the radius draw tool and draw your own radius.

Use our filter tools in this search to select absentee owners, multi or single-family, Property value, length of ownership, or property details like a number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, or acreage.

Computer screen neighborhood search map
Computer screen neighborhood search map

Radius Search

Enter an address then select miles to draw a radius or use the radius draw tool and draw your own radius.

Single Address Search

Use an existing address to quickly find contact information.

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Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload is a great way to locate contact data for a group of addresses. Upload your existing database and easily reconnect with those you have lost touch with due to out of date or missing contact data.

Name Search Range

Name and save your search to quickly find specific neighborhoods when you return.

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Contact Folders

Each search is nicely packaged into a folder based on the ‘custom name’ you provided. This makes it easy to return to your neighborhoods and begin dialing more of the great leads.

Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Be a Neighborhood Search Expert

The single biggest consideration buyers have is the neighborhood where they will write the next chapter of their lives. Becoming a neighborhood search expert is vital for the modern real estate agent.

You need to proavide essential information buyers cannot quickly lookup by themselves. Neighborhood data for real estate agents highlights you as a local authority. Real estate neighborhood data is also a way of offering value and standing above the competition.

Performing a neighborhood address search to learn about essential local factors, such as demographic, distance to downtown, and property taxes, can allow you to compile reports for your leads. Access this real estate neighborhood data, and you have an instant advantage over other agents.

But what are the top factors in creating a neighborhood database you can use within your lead generation campaign?

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Top Factors in a Neighborhood Search Analysis

Your neighborhood search begins with analyzing the macro factors that make up an area. Open an analysis of a zone, and you may find unintended problems, such as flood plains or a lack of amenities.

This is why real estate neighborhood information is crucial. Here are the factors you need to account for in any neighborhood analysis.


Real estate is and always has been about location, location, location. Creating a paper to give buyers an overview of an area when performing a neighborhood search by address begins by analyzing the factors that make a neighborhood desirable or undesirable.

How good are the schools? How far is the neighborhood from downtown? Are the properties overvalued or undervalued? What is the demographic of the people who live there? What are the current crime rates in and around that neighborhood?

Studying the location is the most significant part of a neighborhood search real estate.

Social Value

Social value analyzes the perception of an area. Your neighborhood analysis needs to delve into an area’s reputation.

Something as simple as a neighborhood phone number or address can add or take away thousands from the homes in an area.

For example, there may be decent neighborhoods in certain places, but if the area has a bad reputation, it can hamper the market’s development regardless.

Work to find out what people think of an area and how it might change in the short term.


Physical factors should also form part of a neighborhood search. Use your CRM and lead generation tools for how to get addresses for a neighborhood and look at the physical aspects of an area.

The presence of highways, canals, railroad tracks, and flood plains all contribute to the attractiveness of an area. If a particular site has a highway problem or an article talks about further development of the area’s infrastructure, these factors must form part of your analysis.

The term “the wrong side of the tracks” applies heavily to a neighborhood analysis. Homes on one side of a physical dividing line may be worth thousands of dollars more than the same types of homes on the other side. Using Vulcan7’s neighborhood search can help you better navigate the real estate landscape and take your search analysis to the next level.

I wanted to say thanks for your support and product. We have dominated using the neighborhood search. Totaling almost 10 million in signed listings and a signed offer on a 3.5 million dollar expired listing we got using Vulcan7, all in less than 90 days.


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