Are You Using the Right Real Estate Dialer

A truism of a career in real estate is the need to keep generating new leads, and most agents cannot continue to do that through existing relationships alone. At some point, agents looking to build their book of business will cold call potential leads, and dialing for leads without the assistance of a strong real estate dialer can quickly become tiresome. And inefficient

For those not familiar, a real estate dialer is a software program that enables you to load data, sort into categories, and then let the auto-dialer do the work: once you start by calling the main number, the real estate dialer calls your leads. Different programs offer single line dialers or multiple line dialers. The former is just what it says – the program dials one line at a time – while the latter can dial as many as three lines at one time, leaving pre-recorded messages if more than one person picks up.

Of the many lead generation and CRM systems on the market, it is generally considered that Vulcan 7 is one of the best. (Of course, this is our blog and we might be a tad biased). A big part of Vulcan 7’s story is that it delivers superior for-sale-by-owner and expired leads on a daily basis. But for the purpose of this post, we’re going to focus on Vulcan7’s real estate dialer. It offers matchless service for your customer relationship needs. The program offers state of the art single line dialing, lead generation capabilities, and integrates smoothly with Google.

Features of the Vulcan7 real estate auto dialer include:

  • Delivery of as many as 80 contacts per hour. This is the kind of volume that will keep you at the top of your game, assuming you aren’t there already.
  • Control over speeding up, slowing down, or pausing the system at any time.
  • Simplified sorting and searching, while allowing you to make calls directly from the Vulcan7 customer relationship management (CRM) program.
  • Vulcan7 allows one-click voice message delivery, which frees you to leave a pre-recorded message while you move on to your next call.
  • Elimination of connection delays.
  • Dial access from any location through the Vulcan7 cloud-based platform.
  • Vulcan7 customizes all-outcome information with single-click prospect categorizing, call notes, and follow-up email.
  • Live statistics to improve agent productivity.
  • ISA-ready dialer.

Today’s market is hyper-competitive and to grow your business, you need innovative tools that include cutting edge technology. That’s Vulcan7’s real estate dialer, and it’s a must for agents who prospect daily.