Leads are only as good as the results you get from them.



Expireds happen on a daily basis, with almost 40% relisting with a different agent and within the first 30 days. With us, simplicity is the key! We do all the work for you, all you need to do is log into to our lead manager and work away. No uploading, no spreadsheets (unless you want) and no waiting, you log in and your leads are waiting for you!



For Sale By Owner (FSBO’s) leads continue to be a strong lead source even in the current market. There are no FSBO’s like Vulcan 7’s. We review each lead and qualify it before we send it to you. This  service saves you wasted time on bad leads and phone numbers that do not give results. This is why Vulcan 7 provides the best and highest quality leads.


Get real-time contact data for your neighborhoods.  Every query searches the live database and returns the freshest data to get you in contact with homeowners that need your help more quickly.   Whether you’re looking to prospect a single address, a database of contacts, or an area search, Vulcan7 Neighborhood Search can help you find your next listing. Available as an add-on.



An optional subscription feature now available!  With a simple click of a button you can access Cole Neighborhood Data and call the list directly from your Vulcan7Dialer. Access your account as many times as you want, whenever you want. Do as many searches as you want, and download as many prospect files as you want.

Neighborhood search gives you access to five types of prospects:

Cole Neighborhood Search: Search for properties around a specific address.

Aerial Search: Enter the address of a property, and we will use Google Maps technology, to give you the information of all the neighbors, simply by clicking on the neighboring homes. This gives you valuable information and relevance when you contact the prospect.

Renter: Reach first time home buyers before anyone else by prospecting to renters.

Commercial: Prospect to commercial properties to increase your revenue.

Directory: Take advantage of our history of reference directories, by accessing information online. Search by name, phone number, zip code, and more.



This too is an optional subscription feature now available!  Probate leads are unique- if there is real estate involved in Probate,  that property MUST be sold. These leads are available on a county by county basis, collected each month at the courthouses for virtually every county in the USA. They include the property info, the executor info and any attorney of record. In addition to phone contacts, automated direct and email campaigns, credibility kits and web presence sites are also available.



We are excited to announce that we now provide validated E-mail Addresses included with your daily Expired Properties. This is a great way to interact with contacts that you were unable to reach by phone. We will only search for an e-mail address when the contact has a Full Name (First, Last) and a Full Property Address (123 Main St. City, ST ZIP).