100 transactions in her first two years

100 transactions in her first two years


Beth Staeckeler


Black Hills, South Dakota



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Success with Expireds is all about follow-up and scripting past the NO.

Beth Staeckeler

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One thing Beth loves about Vulcan7 is having access to old expired leads, homeowners often overlooked by most agents.

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Beth never backs down regarding follow-up, dedicating at least 90 minutes daily to follow-up calls.

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Beth and her team hold four parties a year for their Sphere. At Thanksgiving, she personally delivers a pie to everyone on her list.

5 out of 10 Transactions Through Vulcan7 Expired Leads

Beth shares her strategies for generating listings, particularly through expired listings. She emphasizes the importance of follow-up and scripting past objections.

She advises new agents to stay on top of their follow-up and to push past objections to uncover the motivation behind a potential client’s decision. Beth’s direct and proactive approach has led to her success in the real estate industry.

Although Black Hills, SD agent Beth Staeckeler has only been a real estate agent for three years, her numbers suggest she’s been in the business for far longer. In her first two years, Beth closed 100 transactions and is on track for 75 more in 2024. As she discusses with Aaron Wittenstein in this episode of Vulcan7 Roadmap, working expired listings through Vulcan7 is the foundation of her business. But a critical element in her success with expireds is her focus on lead follow-up and “scripting past the no.” As Beth says: “Expireds will give you many reasons why they’re going to hold on for a while. That’s when you need to push past the no and dig several layers deep.” She sets aside a minimum of 90 minutes per day to making lead follow-up calls. To those agents concerned that they may be annoying prospects by being overly persistent, Beth quickly points out that this is a misconception: “They know you’re trying to help.” Vulcan7’s value to Beth goes beyond new expireds. “One thing I love about Vulcan7,” she says, “Is that I can scroll through months of old expired leads, and these homeowners are often overlooked by most agents.  ”Learn more about Beth Staeckeler’s approach to lead follow-up in this episode of Vulcan7’s Roadmap.

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Expired listing leads are the bread and butter of real estate prospecting


9 out of 10 FSBO listings fail to sell without an agent getting involved, FSBOs are a valuable lead source for prospecting


Using a dialer allows you to reach out with 4x the efficiency of manual dialing.


Target any neighborhood quickly & precisely. Advanced filters such as likely to list, absentee owners, multi-family, non-owner occupied, and MORE!

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