Unleash The Power of A.I.

The real estate industry has always been about finding the right opportunities at the right time. With the rapid advancement of AI real estate solutions, agents now have the tools to make data-driven decisions, streamline their workflows, and achieve even greater success. AI plays a significant role in identifying homeowners likely to sell their properties. By harnessing the power of a real estate AI tool, agents can focus on the most promising leads, save time, and boost their business.

With our Likely To List Filters, you can unleash the power of artificial intelligence to find those in the market that are most likely to sell. Raise your efficiency & Dominate Your Market!

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Stop Wasting Time Chasing Down Unlikely Sellers 

Real estate agents often need help knowing who is genuinely interested in selling their property. Cold calling, door knocking, and chasing down leads can be frustrating and time-consuming when most homeowners have no intention of putting their homes on the market. This lack of certainty often wastes time, energy, and resources that could be better spent on more promising prospects. 

By utilizing an AI-driven real estate listing tool, agents can now identify likely sellers more accurately, allowing them to focus on high-potential leads and reclaim their valuable time.

Who’s Ready to Put Their Home on the Market Next?

Our Likely To List Filters Help You Target a narrowed list (15-18%) of homeowners in V7 neighborhood leads (standard and premium) most likely to sell.

  • Available in all markets. 
  • Filter option available within Neighborhood Search

We factor many key data points, including:

  • Length of Residence
  • Length of Mortgage
  • Ages of Homeowner(s)
  • Children moving out of home
  • Divorce
  • Missed payment
  • High income with lower value home
  • + Over 170 Additional Data Points!
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Agents can also micro-target and filter by

  • Absentee Owners
  • Length of Ownership
  • Property values
  • Single / multi-family homes
  • Vacant land lots

+ Much More!


We also feature Pre-foreclosure (Notice of Defaults/NODs)

This is a separate filter within Neighborhood Search.

Pre-foreclosures are available in the majority of the US (non-judicial states).  This group of homeowners will possibly be putting their homes on the market because they have missed mortgage payments.

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Get Actionable Intelligence with Vulcan7 

At Vulcan7, we understand the importance of harnessing cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in the competitive real estate industry. Our real estate AI software empowers agents with actionable insights to accurately identify potential sellers with precision. By partnering with us, you'll gain access to our advanced real estate listing software and expertise, allowing you to dominate your market and grow your business.

Don't let outdated methods hold you back. Integrate a real estate AI tool into your workflow and transform your real estate career with Vulcan7's innovative platform. Users of our real estate AI tool can continue to stay ahead of trends, effectively marketing to buyers and providing top-notch service to realtors and clients alike. Contact us today to learn more about how our real estate AI tool can revolutionize your approach to finding the most promising leads in your market