S7 E3: COVID-19 STRATEGIES for March 25-April 4


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In this episode of RoadMap, we feature Real Estate agents from different cities in the United States. First, meet Jackie Kravitz, a Keller Williams Real Estate Agent from Miami Beach, FL. When Miami was closed down due to Covid there was a five day period for Jackie where 700 went under contract and 1,000 were listed. Jackie is hearing the same objections she has always heard, but she finds homeowners more open now. There has never been a better time to prospect and there are very few agents calling homeowners. People want a word of encouragement and they are looking for someone confident who can help them. It’s time to speed up, not slow down. She says that the ones calling and making the money are the ones using our Vulcan7 service because we are providing the best information out there. Next, meet John and Chase Ames who are Real Estate Agents in St. George, UT.  They had 118 new pending and 105 new listings in their market last week. The most common question they receive is “are homes actually selling”? The answer is YES! Know your numbers, and take part of the emotion out of it. They are feeling the impact, but are working through it. Logic, facts, and figures make it easier. John and Chase check in on their sphere and always come from a place of service.