S5 E1: How to Take 3 or more Listings each Week During the Holidays


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"description": "John & Chase Ames have a plan to list and sell 350 homes this year. Their first priority is to gain listings during the holidays. Listen to how they'll do it.",
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Meet John and Chase Ames from St. George, Utah. John and Chase will list and sell 350 homes this year. Sellers will make time for you during the holidays. Don’t take “first of the year” for an answer. Take control of that timeline so another agent does not grab that listing first. The homeowner will hang up and chuckle knowing they will benefit from your strong negotiation skills. John and Chase each take four 1-week vacations annually, one per quarter, to avoid burnout. Leave your phone behind! John and Chase credit their cellphones, Ren, and Vulcan7 for making millions of dollars for the Ames team. Always have the next 2 calendar months visible and fill your calendar with appointments.