S5 E16: These Scripts & Dialogues Work!


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"description": "Tim Davis shares his secrets for effective real estate conversations in a small town.",
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Meet Tim Davis from Bend/Redmond, Oregon. He is the Master of Tonality and has been in the real estate business for 29 years. Tim’s focus is in a low population area with 120k population in 2 towns and surrounding area. For 2019, his goal is 189 closed transactions. He says that you don’t need a large metro area to do big business in real estate. Tim pursues new expireds first, then FSBOs, then past clients/sphere.    He believes the key is keeping homeowner on the phone longer, doesn’t give up or hang up, takes them back to original motivation for selling when possible, finds a way to ask more questions and tries again to close for appointment. Tim has a gift of very relaxed, calm tonality, very conversational, does not feel at all like sales.