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"description": "Katie Engler discusses how she uses Vulcan7 to drive leads in her second year as a real estate agent.",
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Meet Katie Engler a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent from Myrtle Beach, SC. She is just starting her second year in real estate. She said that her business is doing better now that she found her right source of data. Katie is now taking 2-3 listings weekly using Vulcan7. Prior to Vulcan7, Katie worked through referrals, online lead gen, Facebook, and Zillow. She was not at all pleased with her ROI. Katie gives kudos to Vulcan7’s accurate phone numbers and ease of navigating Vulcan7 dashboard. Her goal for the year is to continue focusing on expireds/FSBOs to list 10-12 properties monthly. She believes consistency and sounding relatable/not robotic are also critical to her success.