S5 E3: How anyone can take 3 listings a week right now


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"description": "Adam Merrick went from 100 sales a year to 100 sales a month. Listen to his success story.",
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Meet Adam Merrick from Peoria, IL. He went from  100 sales a year to 100 a month. In 2018 he had sales of 937 homes. His goal for 2019 is 1,147 homes with a $140k average sales price and a population of 350k people. He aggressively pursues expireds and FSBOs. As of today, he has 30 listing appointments set, 18 of them are previously expired listings. He initially has a prospecting-based business, but now it is a marketing-based and prospecting enhanced business. Adam recommends pursuing expireds and FSBOs 2 Horus daily and not leaving the office until 1 pm. When asked about how to avoid roadblocks of nurturing pendings and/or allowing buyers to control schedule, Adam acknowledged that success is “simple but just not easy”. His advice is “Don’t hire people too quickly” and “don’t get away from what is working”.