S5 E4: How a new agent can build business fast


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"description": "Being a new real estate agent isn't easy unless you're Brad Kiger. The majority of his sales are through listings. Listen to his Vulcan7 strategy.",
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Meet Brad Kiger a Keller Williams Agent from the Virginia, D.C, and Maryland Area. He has been in real estate for 2 1/2 years and was a former school teacher. He earned $60k last year as a teacher and now his average commission check in the real estate business is $13k. In 2018 he did $37mm in sales, 67 units, 52 of those were listings. For 2019 he has a personal goal of 75 units with a $600k average sales price. His team’s goal is 200 units with a $525k average sales price. Brad sold 39 properties in 2017 which was his rookie year. For 12-18 months, Brad used a “premiere service” of another company, a competitor to V7. Four months ago he went on a quest for better data and found V7. In using and comparing the two services side by side, Brad and his VA determined that 80% of the time, the number that reached the homeowner came through V7, so Brad stayed with V7 and dropped the other company.  The competitor’s data was “not terrible, just was not as good as V7’s. Using V7 has resulted in an increase in their contact rate, and they listed 6-8 properties in the traditionally slow months of November and December.