S5 E6: Front Load the Year


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"description": "Kari Kohler shares how to have a stronger real estate sales year through frontloading. She shares her strategies for success.",
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Meet Kari Kohler a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent from St. George, Illinois. In this episode she shares how to have a stronger year by “front-loading” the year way ahead. Kari outlines her strategies. For 2019 her goal is $900k of income and 112 transactions. She controls her schedule as a listing agent so that she is able to have time to enjoy her life. Kari surrounds herself with accountability whether it be Google hangout prospecting daily, MasterMinds call once weekly, or the 12 years of Mike Ferry coaching, which as one call weekly. Ren Jones was her first coach and he coached her for 8 years.