S5 E9: How to have a Productive Mindset


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"description": "Bernie Gallerani spells out success and how to obliterate mental barriers in real estate.",
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Meet Bernie Gallerani from Nashville, TN. He has a goal for 2019 to make 550 deals with $6mm commissions. He sold 45 homes in his first year in Nashville after moving from Nevada. He worked significantly more hours in his first year than he does now. In his first year he worked 12 hours daily including 5 hours of lead generation 5 days a week, and he worked shorter days on weekends. After his first year he was able to taper back his hours. Bernie also requires that his agents sell 24 houses in year 1, 36 houses in year 2. Real estate is an industry with unlimited opportunity if you figure out how to stay focused on lead generation and specific goals. You must stay committed to that time on the phone, even in June and July. Success is not convenient.  If you’re not successful and you want to be successful, you have to change your behaviors.  You have to learn to be uncomfortable and fail forward. Be the professional, do the work the way it should be done, and you can dominate.