S6 E5: How to take Listings every week – starting your first month!


Meet Jim Fussell a Keller Williams Real Estate Agent from Kansas City. Jim as been an agent for 18 months with 27 transactions year-to-date with year-end goal of 40. He has been in Sales for 17 years and loves cold calling. Success in his first year was due to door knocking, he would door knock for 3 hours each evening. He managed to close 2.5-3 transactions monthly this way but decided he wanted to increase his velocity. Jim now has Vulcan7, which he calls a powerful tool. Jim makes calls 2-3 hours daily and sets 1-3 appointments with expired and FSBOs. In six weeks with Vulcan7, Jim has secured 4 listings. What’s the “secret”?  Jim says “get on it, stay on it, it takes discipline, but it works!” The discipline comes easy for Jim, but he’s still perfecting the speed and skill needed. Jim believes in MFO scripts and their “aggressive” sales system. He views social media and easy lead sources to not be fast enough to achieve his goals. Average commission $6500-$7000, he’s making a great living in Kansas City for his second year in the business. Jim plans to shadow Bernie Gallerani in Nashville and Lance Locan in Texas.