S6 E7: Making $500k/year with time to enjoy it!


Meet Diana Fairbanks a Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker, from Fort Lauderdale. She is known as the Queen of Consistency. Diana explains how she makes nearly $500k per year with plenty of time leftover to enjoy life and travel the world. Her goal for the year is 50, 5-7 listings monthly. Diana has been in Real Estate for 14 years and her average commission check is $7,600. She has the dream formula where her business is 75% listings, 25% are her sellers who are now homeless, motivated, loyal to her, and need to buy. Diana’s seller business givers her time to enjoy a big life. She says if your not at least 60% sellers, you’re working too hard and have little time to enjoy success. Her business comes from 50% sphere and 50% prospecting expired, FSBOs, FRBOs, and probate.