S7 E10: Cool ways to list more property


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"description": "Watch as CEO of Vulcan7, Ren Jones, interviews Kari Kohler from St. George, IL discussing the importance of lead follow-up and neat ways to list additional property.",
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More Follow-ups, More Listings

Meet Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent, Kari Kohler from St. George, IL. She prospects 8am-11am daily and role plays at 11:30am after her prospecting. Kari has a goal of 7 contacts hourly and 10 contacts per hour as a stretch goal. She starts with expireds and cancelleds, then FSBO, sphere, just listed/just sold. Her calls now are more sympathetic, more patient, she takes more notes and does more lead follow up for relationship building She says that Lead follow-ups are the key to success.  It’s where all the money is. So few agents call a 2nd or 3rd time. Kari uses V7, types notes in V7 CRM, and picks up where she leaves off with each homeowner. “I’m going to catch them when they’re ready”. Kari contacts the buyers of her listed and sold properties after closing, takes care of any loose ends, and adds them to her sphere. When properties are under contract or recently closed, they are talking about real estate and most likely to refer you.