S7 E13: Wealthy in Two Years!


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"description": "Watch as Vulcan7 CEO Ren Jones interviews Nick Grodzicki discussing how he did $20 million in business this year after only two years in the industry. ",
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Entering the Real Estate Market with a Bank

Meet Guest Nick Grodzicki from Miami, FL. This will be his second year in real estate and will do $20 million in business this year! He moved to Miami from Michigan in March 2019, had no FL contacts and limited knowledge of the area. He is a hard-core prospector with Vulcan7: “Vulcan7 tremendously helped me become successful in the real estate business in a short time”. “If it weren’t for Vulcan7, I wouldn’t be where I am today in the real estate business. Calling is a numbers game and a mental game.” No one can affect his personal energy. He built toughness through 3 Sales internships that also had him on the phones.  He feels the task is easy and the mental fortitude can be built. For FSBOs, he asks questions about timing, does fact-finding to determine motivation, educates that he can sell at a higher price, and follows up diligently. Recently sold for $2.7 million FSBO. “The top team I was on tried multiple different data services and by far, Vulcan7 was the most accurate, and that’s why we canceled any and all other services.”