S7 E15: Taking Listings in a Competitive Market


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"description": "Watch as Ren Jones, CEO of Vulcan7, interviews Kimberly DeSocio discussing what it takes to take listings in a competitive market.",
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Taking Listings in a Competitive Market

“Vulcan7 changed my life, and my business,” says South Florida agent, Kimberly Desocio in this episode or Roadmap. Prior to joining the Vulcan7 family, Kimberly spent the bulk of her career as a buyer’s agent. She had the good fortune to join a brokerage that provided Vulcan7 leads to all of its agents. After spending time learning Vulcan7, she left the brokerage and branched out on her own. Kimberly credits Vulcan7’s expired leads with helping her amass over $20 million in inventory in just one year. She is also a huge believer in the value of scripts to help with handling objections and building rapport. “Sellers typically have the same five or six objections on every call,” she says. “Over time, scripts help you prepare to handle any of those objections easily.” Check out this episode of Roadmap to learn how Vulcan7 “opened up a whole new world” for Kimberly Desocio.