S7 E5: MIKE FERRY shares COVID19 Strategies!


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"description": "Watch as Ren Jones, CEO of Vulcan7, interviews real estate veteran Mike Ferry on tips on to succeed during COVID19.",
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COVID19 Prospecting Strategies

Mike Ferry shares COVID19 Strategies with us! There are also additional guests featuring Bernie Gallerani, Karina Loken, Bryan Ogletree, John & Chase Ames, Gary Keller. Mike has been in real estate for 57 years and a coach since 1975. Ren and Mike have seen other very difficult times in the industry. This is a tough time, but it’s short term and we’ve been through worse. Agents operating from fear are paralyzed and agents wanting to help buyers and sellers are succeeding. There will be 4 million real estate transactions this year no matter how bad it gets, Mindset is the key. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you don’t. Stick with the fundamental like prospect, lead follow up, pre-qualify with empathy, and perfect your virtual presentations. Vulcan7 produces the numbers for agents to call, and more people are answering the phone. There are always motivated sellers, and they look for strong, qualified real estate agents to take care of their transactions. That’s never going to stop. The question is are you going to find them? That’s the name of the game.