S7 E6: GEOFF shows us how to take lots of listings virtually.


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"description": "Watch as Vulcan7 CEO, Ren Jones, interviews Geoff Hyland discussing the long-lasting effects of implementing tech to close listings virtually.",
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Closing Listings Virtually

Meet Geoff Hyland who has been in the real estate business since 2005 and in Mike Ferry Coaching from the start. In 2020 his goal was 400 transactions, 15o listings. Currently, he is slightly behind his goal, but he is close to catching up. He let the news of COVID19 get to him the first week, then chose to shift his mindset. He says to control your environment, otherwise, it is going to control you. He is taking listings virtually and doing previews and showing virtually. The increased use of technology is likely to have a long-lasting effect. He uses a showing protocol checklist and has closed 13 deals in the past two weeks and has 7 under contract. For those who insist on waiting, he encourages them to get their home touched up and ready. National inventory is low, there is less competition, and homeowners are more receptive than ever to your recommendations. Geoff is also using this time to strengthen his relationships with those in his database. On calling expires Geoff starts the call more softly with lots of empathy and then moves on to his script.