S7 E4: April COVID-19 STRATEGIES -The Latest Ideas


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"description": "Ren Jones and Bryan Ogletree discuss the importance of good data, assuring clients, and weathering the storm during COVID19.",
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COVID19 – The Best Data has Never Been so Important

Meet Bryan Ogletree, a highly successful solo agent who is compassionate, confident, and competent. The spring market is here, there are new listings and new pending in almost every U.S. market. Bryan had 11 new listings in March with 6 listings sold and 5 buyer sales. He is incubating some leads who are not comfortable proceeding now. Bryan remains the calming force, keeping in touch and letting homeowners know people are still buying and selling. He discusses about how now more than ever you need the best data you can get. Bryan says that Vulcan7 pays for itself time and time again. His goal for April is 12 new listings and he is not changing his end goal, but believes he needs to talk to more people to reach his goals. Bryan continues to circle prospect his listings as he always has. Fewer agents are competing now, which he sees as an opportunity to grab market share.