S7 E2: The COVID-19 Effect with Special Guests Bernie Gallerani and Karina Loken

Meet Bernie Gallerani from Nashville, Tennessee and Karina Loken from Houston, Texas. Bernie’s team has recently faced challenges with a severe tornado and now the virus, but they are not going to let it negatively affect their business. His team prospects everyday and they are finding more people are at home. He said that negativity and fear based “stinking thinking” can be like its own virus. They don’t discuss the virus or bring it up in conversations with potential prospects. Karina’s team has a 2,700 unit goal for this year. The team is finding plenty of serious buyers and sellers. Through social media and text, you can’t read people’s emotions or their level of concern/lack of concern. You don’t know unless you talk to them. The telephone is the most effective medium. There’s so much more you get out of voice to voice contact. Homeowners are looking for agents to lead. Be confident, surround yourself with accountability as well as successful people, come from contribution, and be there for one another.