S8 E11: Overcoming Call Reluctance


Surround yourself with knowledge and accountability. Call reluctance, or the fear of calling, is one of the greatest barriers to real estate success. In this Roadmap episode, Tampa/St. Petersburg Remax agent Ehab Korabi discusses his challenges and frustrations with call reluctance. He realized that in order to have a successful business, he had to change his mind-set about phone prospecting. Once Ehab began to shift his attitude about working the phones, he made the decision to invest in himself by joining the Vulcan7 nation of top-performing agents. With the help of a supportive coach, the power of the Vulcan7 platform, and a single-minded commitment to prospecting, Ehab was able to secure EIGHT LISTINGS, worth $5.6 million in volume, in one month, and the snowball started rolling! Check out the Roadmap video to learn more about Ehab’s daily prospecting routine, and approach to working with prospects.