S8 E12: Why You Should Refocus From Buyers To Sellers


New Jersey-based agent Raj Sinha provides some invaluable listing agent tips, and insight into being a listing agent vs a buyer’s agent. “Listings give you leverage.” Focusing on listings has allowed Raj more time with his family as well as gaining more control over his time and transactions. Raj spent the first six years of his real estate career hosting open houses. In this Roadmap episode, he talks about shifting his focus to prospecting a year ago, using Vulcan7. Focusing on expired listings, Raj admits to being anxious in his early days of prospecting. He stuck with it, and now has more closings than he could imagine, most within a range of $500,000 to $1.2 million. Raj has found success with old expired listings, citing they aren’t called on as frequently, and that they are typically a friendlier conversation. He also states that they are very receptive to learning about the market. Regarding success as a listing agent, Raj says: “Everybody has the capacity to do this. It’s all about mindset.” Watch the entire episode for more insights from Raj Sinha.