S8 E13: The Expired Listings Strategy That Allowed Tom Toole To Close 165 Million GCI In 2021


“Expired listings are highly motivated seller leads, they already signed a contract with an agent, so they believe in realtors, they did all the right things except choose the right agent, so that tells me there’s motivation there.” 🔥🔥 “Real estate is not rocket science, success is all about the people who have the will to win, and the mindset to do it everyday.” 🔥🔥 In this episode we are talking one on one with successful Philadelphia-based ReMax agent, Tom Toole. Tom has been an agent since he was 19, and tells us about his journey as he went from selling a few homes during summer break, to now leading a team that generated more than $165 million in revenue in 2021. Tom has revitalized his business to a ‘call first’ company, and his team focuses on calling motivated seller leads like expired listings and FSBOs, every morning without fail. Tom said he reached a plateau in 2008 when the market crashed, when he realized that calling his sphere was just not generating like it used to. He quickly recognized the success with calling motivated seller leads like Expired listings and FSBOs, and says it has driven his business model as ever since. He credits software and technology, like his Vulcan7 platform, to driving efficiency and really being able to scale his business. Watch this full episode and gain insights from Tom on certain strategies such as :

🔸 The Top 3 Generating Seller Leads Sources
🔸 The Top 5 Pillars Of His Successful Lead Generation Strategy
🔸 How To Prepare and Prioritize Your Call List
🔸 How To Structure Your Weekly Schedule
🔸 The Formula For Becoming A Successful Listing Agent
🔸 Tips For New Agents To Gain The Confidence To Win Listings