S8 E15: Discussing Types of Motivated Seller Leads w/ Special Guest “Mighty Mike” Reid


Consistency is the key to success for Orland-based agent “Mighty Mike” Reid. In this episode we discuss the two main types of motivated seller leads in real estate, expired listings and FSBO leads. For Mike, consistency means working against a specific revenue goal and only relaxing once he achieves that goal. Consistency also means having systems in place to ensure he stays focused on his goals. He cites Vulcan7 as such a system because the CRM and Dialer allow him to work efficiently at the touch of a button. Mike maintains a consistent routine on the road to his goals. He starts the day by focusing on his body and mind before logging onto Vulcan7 for his prospecting sessions. He starts calling Expireds, knowing it’s a numbers game. These seller leads are sometimes frustrated with their previous agent relationship, so can often be more motivated once you locate the right scenario. Mike then moves on to FSBOs, which require a different approach. “With FSBOs, you’re building relationships,” he says, adding: “Figure out ways you can serve them so when the time is right, you’re the agent left standing.” Mighty Mike has two pieces of advice for newer agents. First, understand the market area you want to sell in. Second, invest in tools that will help you be efficient and effective. And the tool he puts at the top of his list is Vulcan7.