S8 E16: Work with Listings and Control the Market


Raleigh, North Carolina EXP agent Phil DeMuth has sold more than 400 homes in only five years as a real estate agent. He owes much of his success to Vulcan7. “I’ve been using Vulcan7 for about four years,” he says. “Looking at my conversions, I realized that you guys have helped me make over a million dollars.” Vulcan7 is a natural extension of Phil’s focus on being a top listing agent. He realized early in his career that when you work with listings, you control the market instead of having buyers control you. Phil and his team start each day with thirty minutes of script practice, which he believes is essential if you want to become comfortable on the phone. His team then moves into prospecting mode, devoting two hours to outbound lead generation and one hour of follow-up calls. Phil’s been particularly successful with FSBOs. “Homes are lingering on the market a little longer,” he says. “So, FSBOs are beginning to realize they need us again.” Using Vulcan7’s industry-leading FSBO leads, Phil sets a goal of 10 FSBO conversations each day. If a FSBO hangs up on him, he shrugs it off and calls back the next day. It’s all about keeping his name top of mind.