S8 E2: Tools to Dominate your Inventory


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"description": "Watch as Ren Jones, CEO of Vulcan7, interviews Trent Mathis discussing the importance of communication and the right tools to manage inventory.",
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Managing Real Estate Inventory as a Team

Meet Real Estate Agent Trent Mathis from Savannah, Georgia. His personal goal for this year is 72 listings closed. He has been in the real estate business for nine years. Trent states if you are not talking to people, you are not going to create transactions and sales. When working with a team, accountability needs to be really high. You have to keep your team on pace, let them understand the numbers and know what is required of them. As well it is important to determine how many contacts they are going to make, how many listing appointments they are going to go on, how many listings were taken, and how many days they are going to work that month.