S8 E5: From Mostly Buyers To Mostly Sellers!


Mary Gorey – Transitioning to Majority Sellers through Prospecting

Meet Listing Real Estate Agent Mary Ann Gorey from Hartford, Connecticut. Mary Ann has only been in the business for almost two years and is already excelling in the listing business. Last year she did 32 transactions and this year she is tracking for 50, which gives her a quarter million dollars in her second year in the business. She discusses her tips on how to stay accountable with prospecting. The best way she stays on the right path is by reviewing her goals she set for herself. That is the main way she obtains all of her listings. She started her second year and is already blowing it up! 80% of her business used to be buyers last year, this year she has increased her income by transitioning to 80% sellers. Her next goal is to make 50 deals which is a total of $240,000. Watch and learn how she plans to achieve that goal through prospecting.